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Custom Installer



Generate and download custom installation packages for Remote Desktop Manager.

Choose pre-configured data sources for quick enterprise wide deployment.

Insert license (serial key) in the installation package for easier management.

Choose to download the installer as a Windows Installer (MSI file) or as an executable (.EXE file).


The Custom Installer uploads a configuration file to our online services. You should not use the service to redistribute passwords for data sources or a Online Database account.


For stability reasons in large installation bases, the latest official release is not available to the Custom Installer until a period of varying length during which we ensure that no major issues are present. This will allow your organization the time to perform integration testing on a few workstations before you upgrade all of your team.


The Custom Installer replicates the settings from the Remote Desktop Manager instance used to create the package and stores them in the package for distribution. You have control over which categories of settings that you are redistributing, but not discrete settings. It may be desirable to have a Remote Desktop Manager installation that is used specifically to create the Installation Package.

Use the File - Devolutions Account - Tools to access the Custom Installer Manager.

File - Devolutions Account - Custom Installer Manager

File - Devolutions Account - Custom Installer Manager

Please consult this topics of Remote Desktop Manager Help portal for the package creation:

Create an Installation Package

If the package has already been generated, you can download it directly from the portal as described in Download Package From Web