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Online Drive




Completely FREE, no limitations, perfect for standalone users.

Store and synchronize your remote connections and credentials online.

Access your sessions from anywhere using a simple Internet connection.

Available on Windows, Mac, iOS and on Android!




The Online Drive stores and synchronize your remote connections and credentials online. You can access your sessions from anywhere via an Internet connection.


It is an online file storage service dedicated to a single file type, Remote Desktop Manager’s connection list. Online Drive is completely free and has no limitations as to how many sessions you might have, it is for single users as you will not be able to share files.



Even though this is a cloud service. you MUST use our Online Backup service to keep history of your data.  Since Devolutions already offered a free backup service, we have made the decision to keep only a single file for the Devolutions Online Drive.  This makes it critical that you enable the backup feature.  This service will keep multiple versions of your file and is the best option.




1. In Remote Desktop Manager create a new Online Drive data source.


Add Devolutions Online Drive Data Source

Add Devolutions Online Drive Data Source


2. Enter your online account credentials (


Devolutions Online Drive

Devolutions Online Drive


Consult Online Drive Settings for more information on the configuration.




Delete Data source

Delete Data source





Delete the Data Source