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Online Database



Online Database is a hosted repository managed by Devolutions. It allows for storing and sharing of remote connections, credentials, and sensitive information. Used in combination with a compatible Client application, it extends the Client capabilities to create an Enterprise wide high-end data store.


Being a repository, you absolutely must use our clients in order to use it.


Remote Desktop Manager



No VPN required to access the data, it is accessible through the web

Hosted by Devolutions on Microsoft Windows Azure and Microsoft Azure SQL

Allows for Security groups and user permissions

Full connection logs with the Enterprise subscription level

Our client applications offer an offline mode which can be used when the Internet is unavailable

The Basic subscription level is appropriate for small teams (up to 3 users), whereas the Professional and Enterprise subscription levels are recommended for larger teams.

Please consult Features in order to see the various subscription levels and the features that each offer.


The data stored in Devolutions Cloud is encrypted with a key which is built-in the application and is therefore the same for ALL users. To fully protect your data, you must use a Security Provider which offers the choice of applying either a passphrase or a certificate.

In the event of the loss of the passphrase, Devolutions CANNOT retrieve the encrypted data, please take appropriate precautions.


Note that we cannot restore a backup of a single database, the protection offered by Online Database is for disaster recovery only, for instance a hardware failure.  Using our Entry history feature and our Undelete feature you can revert any change on specific sessions. Documents stored in the online database have no such protection, please consult warning below.


For architectural reasons, the documents stored in Online Database are NOT protected from deletions. Once they are deleted, they cannot be restored.  Please keep a safe copy of all documents in another data source.

For information on how to obtain a trial subscription, please consult Trial Subscription Activation. However if you have subscribed to our service and need to register, please consult Subscription Activation.


Consult Settings for more information on the configuration.