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With Online Database, you can easily manage users access to the data source.



Please consult the Features topic to view the differences between the subscription levels.


You can Add, Edit and give restricted access rights to your Online Database users.



You have to be an administrator of the Online Database to be able to Add, Edit or Delete users.


Online Database - Users

Online Database - Users




Add User

Add new user to the data source.


Edit the selected user.


Send an invite to the selected user to share your data source with this user.


Remove access to the selected user to the data source.

Make User Owner

There are 2 conditions needed to perform this action:

The logged on user must be an administrator

The new owner must also be an administrator

The owner is a super admin that can't be deleted, this ensures that the data source always has at least a single user.


To learn more about Users settings please see:


Add User

Edit User

Security Groups