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What is Devolutions Cloud?




Devolutions Cloud is the central location for all Devolutions online services. It is comprised of multiple services as summarized below.


The common feature between all of these services is that they only require the possession of a free account to our online services to be accessed.


Online Services



Customer Portal is continuously improving in being your one stop shop for all matters related to Devolutions. Access license serials, invoices, support interface, forum, and more.


For more information, please consult Customer Portal.


Online Database is an online repository for our client applications, and is not restricted by located based on its web-based functionality.


For more information, please consult Online Database.


Devolutions Online Drive stores and synchronizes your remote connections and credentials online.


For more information, please consult Online Drive.


Online Backup is our backup service for several of the data sources supported by our client applications.


For more information, please consult Online Backup.


Custom Installer Service allows you to create your own personalized installers for Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise or Password Vault Manager Enterprise. Please be advised that the Windows Editions is the only available version at this time.


For more information, please consult Custom Installer Service.


The Forum allows you to ask questions and share answers with our Devolutions community.


For more information, please see Forum.


Our Affiliate program allows you to promote Remote Desktop Manager on your website and earn advertising fees.


For more information, please see Affiliate.


Account Log in


Illustrated below is the home page where you may enter your credentials to connect to your cloud account. Upon log in, you will be redirected to the Customer Portal.


Devolutions Cloud

Devolutions Cloud




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Create your free cloud account.

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